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How it all started?

After the end of his basketball career, Serbian national team player Milan Macvan decided to retire from the sport and focus his time and energy on fruit growing and farming.
The Macvan agricultural farm was officially established in 2020, however a couple years earlier, this family started growing hazelnuts on several smaller areas.
In addition to all the closest members of the Macvan family who run the business every day the farm also has ten full-time employees who maintain the orchards and who make sure that all agro-technical measures necessary to obtain excellent quality fruit are followed during cultivation.
Mačvan DOO Pocerina


The area covered by the Macvan farm belongs to region of Pocerina, the area in the Western part of Serbia. The Pocerina region has excellent climatic and edaphic conditions for growing fruit both due to the altitude and due to the drainage of the land.


Team work, agreements, family atmosphere and a sense of belonging is what is needed for successful work, and Milan has managed to create such an atmosphere with its employees. He believes that human capital can be best used through good communication and mutual trust and learning.


The goal of the Macvan’s farm is to grow and develop together with its employees and to achieve stability and integrity in the world of the fruit growing and farming in Serbia.